Motivation Monday – Own up, make peace, move on

Let’s get a bit more serious today. Let’s talk about the mistakes all, or most, of us make from time to time. Let’s talk about avoidance and running from problems instead of fixing them and moving on.

Having good morals is extremely important and sticking to them at all times is what makes it even more important, and true. You can’t tell yourself you live by a good moral standing, but then sway from it from time to time. That’s not how it works.

You must own your shit. Its that simple. Don’t be making excuses for doing something you know you shouldn’t, own up to it make a mend and move on. Don’t be causing issues for someone or some people and then just walk away pretending you didn’t do anything. Own your shit. We all make mistakes, we are all human, I promise you people will understand.

You don’t fix situations for other peoples feelings. As harsh at that may sound. You fix them for your own state of mind. You fix them because its right and it keeps your moral compass in check. You fix them because its not fair to damage your character as a person for a weak moment where you made a bad decision.

You own up, you deal with the consequence, and you move on. Simple. If you make a mistake, accept that it is just that. A mistake. The sooner you can do that the easier it becomes to accept the consequences and move on with your life without guilt. Time to grow up people, face the music and make amends with whatever or whoever you need to. Life is far too short to do stupid shit and ignore it.

Here is the underlying message. Be a good person, and if you make a mistake just fix it with those involved and move on. You will be an even better person for doing it. And of course, learn from your mistakes, don’t keep making them.

My quote for this week.

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” ~ Bruce Lee


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