Motivation Monday – Motivation vs discipline

There are many ways in which we can fuel our motivation to keep us on track. Motivation, for me, is such a powerful tool that we need in our arsenal to ensure we always strive to be the best we can be. Question is, can we always find the motivation we need? And if not, what then?

Discipline goes hand in hand with motivation. This is how I like to see it. To get yourself into the zone of being better and stronger at anything you do, we need the motivation to start this process. We need to motivate ourselves to make sure we stay on the right path and to keep our mental energy levels high.

Once we have that starting point, and the motivation is strong, we then use discipline to keep ourselves there. Once we have gone through one of the tough parts about doing anything, which is starting, we now use discipline to make sure we maintain whatever it is we are doing.

An example, we motivate ourselves to get up early for work and make sure that we work hard to do a great job in order to live a good life. Once we are in the habit of doing so, we use discipline to ensure that we stay that way even in tough times ( this is when we lack motivation ).

It is extremely important to work on having motivation guide you in the right direction and give you the emotional strength you need to be the best, but it is just as important to use discipline to keep you there.

One could even say this. Motivation gets you going, discipline keeps you going, and using further motivation gets you to that next level, where we then use discipline to keep us at that next level. You see the difference between the two, and how well they work off each other? Then do it, make the best of both and you will live a very fulfilling life.

My quote for this week.

“Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.” ~ John C.Maxwell


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