Motivation Mondays – A little bit each day goes a long way

Almost every time someone tries to turn their life around by eating healthier and starting to exercise, they try do too much at once which often causes them to stop after a short period of time. While this can work for some, it is not a good way to go about it for most other people. There are too many factors involved.

If you decide you are going to start eating extremely healthy, and you are going to start going to the gym 4 times a week as well as stopping smoking. The normal pressure that comes from your job on a daily basis, along with the fact that you’ve just taken away your guilty pleasures, will automatically result in you crashing and resorting to old habits within a few weeks.

It is too difficult to change all your bad habits at once. You need to be able to change your mindset first, and this can be done by taking small steps to start with, and growing them as you go along. I would suggest that you kick 2 bad habits, and keep one to start with. And make sure to keep it really simple to start with.

As an example, go to gym 3 times a week ( even 20 minutes at a time is ok, you can build from there ) and cut out junk food like takeaways. By this I don’t mean eat completely healthy, but you can start by only eating home cooked meals which means you can still eat your pastas etc.

Once you have been going to gym and cutting out takeouts for more than a month ( maybe two if you prefer ) then look at cutting out smoking, or look at eating even healthier. If you want to keep it slow and steady, then do the same you have been for the past month or so, and just make sure you drink lots of water each day as a new challenge ( roughly 2lt per day, use this as a guideline )

You can start this entire process even easier than this. You can start by walking around your neighborhood for 20 minutes at a time, 3 times a week. With this you can also add cutting out bread. Try this for a few weeks and then increase your limits as you go.

The point behind this is consistency. Don’t try to do too much, start off smaller and make sure you continue to move forward. Put in the time and the results will speak for themselves. You have to start though, the benefits to both your body and mind are just far too effective for you to not try.

This week’s message.

“ Suck it up and one day you won’t have to suck it in.”


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